ASUS A8M2N-LA specifies a max of 4 gib of memory in 4 slots, so does installing Windows 7 Pro change that limit?

I am upgrading a Dell tower with an ASUA A8M2N-LA mother board and a AMD64 X2 4800+ AM2 processor, a new hard drive and PSU. The manual from HP that uses a lot of these boards in their PCs specifies a max of 4 GB of memory, and there is 4 slots. I am going to use Windows 7 Pro 64 which can support more than 4 GB of memory, so does that change the maximum amount of memory that this ASUS M/B can support? This ASUS M/B uses 240 pin DDR2 DIMMS.

I have another PC that use the older 184 pin DIMMs that accept DDR memory, and it's manual also states a maximum of 4 GB of memory, so again does using Windows 7 Pro 64, or any other operating system, such as Linux, change the maximum amount of memory that can be installed In whatever number of memory slots there are?

I suspect the answer to these questions is NO, but I am not sure, (and it would be nice to be wrong.)
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    No, the OS can't change what the mobo supports, sorry :(
  2. Thank You for the answer. I suspected that.

  3. C U Around ;)
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