Need a gaming monitor would like 24 or 27 inch

Im building a new computer and I need a monitor to go with it. Im in the US and it will used primarily for gaming. Id like it to be at least 1080p and at least 24 inches. Ill be using a GTX 770 to run it.
Id like to spend around 250 to 300.

Ive seen these Korean specials running around with fantastic panels but from reading reviews there are significant issues with them. One big one is contrast stability....either they use a digital method to reduce the brightness which in turn kills the contrast ratio or the use a very low frequency PWM, nearly 100 hz lower than average which will definitely flicker.

I don't really need to run my games in 1440p, sure they would run and it may be nice, but at 1080 I will get much better performance. Yes the 1440 would be great for surfing and reading, but this will mainly be for gaming.

A 1080p 27 inch seems to be the consensus that that's too big for 1080p and you will see pixels.

So with that in mind whats a good 24 inch ,IPS or PLS, that's fast, for an IPS, and under 250 or so?

Or convince me that Im not going to notice any of those issues with the Korean special...because they do look really nice. I just wish I could find one with proper brightness control.
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    I recently was in the market for a new monitor. After weeks of researching the Korean monitors and 120Hz and 144Hz monitors I decided on the ASUS VG278HE 27" 1920x1080 144hz monitor

    It's has gotten great reviews and seems to be a good match to the GTX 770 which I also just purchased (should have both by next week).

    I was able to find a good used VG278HE on ebay for $320 Shipped.
  2. Consider these 24" monitors. Refurbished so you get a good price without sacrificing performance
  3. For whatever reason refurbished monitors make me nervous. Also Im firmly looking for a 27 inch now this is the one Im currently looking at strongly the Samsung S27C570H
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