I'd like to build an External Graphics Card (GPU) for my Asus G75vw... (NVidia 780)

So, I found out that my computer that I bought 2 years ago was getting old, and I need to get a new GPU. As a gamer, and I travel a lot, I need a gaming laptop. So don't yell at me that I should of bought a desktop.
Regardless, I was thinking over the summer on buying my self a NVidia 780 and making it an EGPU. However, I don't know if it will work, and the concept of an EGPU was stumbled upon.

I was planning on making a case for the EGPU and keeping it at home where my computer is plugged in, but when I go places, I keep the EGPU there.

First questions;

Would it work? Can I make an EGPU with the NVidia 780 and using my Asus G75vw laptop?

Can could someone help instruct me on how to do so? I haven't found that many videos, tutorials ect. and I don't want any explosions or fires going on.

Very well. Thanks.
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    The reason you haven't found any tutorials or videos on it, is because there aren't any.

    This is pretty much it:

    Supposedly, there may or may not be some Thunderbolt solution coming. But that is in the future.
  2. provided it comes with an express card slot, it could work be it via vidock or a DIY kit. though more likely than not, i'm going to assume yours don't come with an express card slot, as most, if not all modern notebooks rarely, if ever, comes with one.

    the only other alternative is if it comes with a thunderbolt port. if you're thinking of using the USB 3.0 to connect your eGPU to your notebook, you're out of luck. while it's fast enough for use on an eGPU, there's no proper drivers to support it.
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