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I have already installed WIN 7x64 in a RAID 5 configuration (drive C) using a hardware controlled PIKE card which is actually LSI MegaRaid technology. I want to install XP32 on a separate Crucial M500x240G SSD drive configured directly as an onboard IDE storage device. Can I do this without losing the WIN 7 boot loader? How do I configure XP as drive D and get it to ignore the WIN 7 restore points? All data that will be used by both systems is on a separate RAID5 drive (drive F) controlled by an Areca ARC-1882i card so XP will never have to access anything on the WIN 7 "C" drive.
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  1. a dual boot should work but you cannot use a 32 bits os with a 64 bits one and try to acces the files you run into conflict and issue .
  2. Most of the data on my F drive was created in an XP32 environment. These files work in WIN 7x64, even proprietary files from my electronic design programs. All other files, jpg, docx, mp4 etc. all work in both systems. The program software is different for each system but that's not whats on the F drive.
  3. if the only acces will be to the raid and not using the xp drive to work this should work .
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    Why dual boot? Use a virtual machine, such as Virtualbox.
    I have XP and Android setup on my W7 machine.
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