Enough power to run two GTX 770's SLI?

I currently have one EVGA GTX 770 ACX SC and a Antec TruePower Classic 750w power supply.
My question is, as stated above, is it possible for me to have two of them running in SLI?

Power supply:


Thanks in advance
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  1. Nope. at least 850W is recommended for running a SLI with 2 GTX 770s.
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    hell and heaven no.
    your psu can run the 2gtx 770 sli perfectly as long as you don't have a i7 4960x oced at max of heaven, 32gb ram and 6 hard disks and power eating sound card etc.

    a gtx 770 will draw at max 230w and given that in sli both cards will never reach 100% power draw any 750w psu 80+ can run 2 of them.
    There are lotsa 700w running 2x gtx 770 in sli without a sweat and not overheating or reducing lifespan.
    answer is yes.

    "GeForce GTX 770 2x SLI - On your average system the cards require you to have a 700~800 Watt power supply unit."
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