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I am a teacher who teaches in a classroom with 20 computers all running Windows 7 Professional. Currently when I give tests I have to go around to each computer one-by-one with a flash drive to copy/save the test files. Is there a way that I can access all the computers in my class from my Instructor workstation and copy/save the files? Shared folders? File server? Any help is greatly appreciated. Also, all computers are on the same network so I am able to see them under network on my instructor computer. Thanks Again!

UPDATE: Being that this will be for test files, if it is shared folders, is there a way for students to put their files into a shared folder on that network without risking other students access other files in it. Put simply, I want students to be able to put files into that shared folder but I don't want them to be able to open up someone else's test that was put in already. Thanks!
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  1. From a very basic setup, a shared folder would work.
    A folder shared from the teacher box, connected and mapped to a drive letter on the student client machines.

    " your data on the T drive"
    This 'drive' is merely a folder on your PC, connected through the network.

    If you want to move into a server environment, your options (and costs) go up.
  2. For your UPDATE info:

    Again, speaking of a basic Win 7 setup....a parent folder of StudentPC. Subfolders of Student1, Student2, Student3, etc. Given proper permissions, Student1 PC can only talk to that subfolder, even though on all the Student PCs they are seen as the "T" drive.
    They all go to slightly different places.

    Obviously, going to a regular client-server environment is far more secure and configurable. But your costs, maintenance, and licensing go up.
  3. the problem is opening up any share, as you said, opens up the other students to access it. even if they can't change it, they could open it and read it and copy and paste it or cheat from it.

    either have them email it to you, buy 20 cheap USB drives and give out and get 1 back at the start and end of each test.

    you could do what you want via permissions and a server/active directory route, but not sure just from a pc, it would dificult to not allow the others to see each others work.
  4. And with just shared folders, that one 'enterprising kid' will figure out how to get around it.
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