PC Always Attempts To Boot From Disc Drive

I've been experiencing a problem with my newly built week-old PC since the day after I got it up and running. When it boots it immediately attempts to boot from my optical drive and finds there is no Windows 8 disc inside so it stays there.

To bypass this I either enter the BIOS and exit or choose where to boot from by spamming F11 upon boot as the SSD is apparently the priority which is where it should be. However, I shouldn't need to do this every single time I boot up or restart my computer.

How do I fix this? My motherboard is the ASROCK Z77 Extreme4-M if that changes anything.
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  1. you are sure you have set the SSD as the first boot device? And that you have exited and saved that setting?

    Check the SSD is connected to SATA port 0 . That shouldn't make a difference , but it might .
    At the same time disconnect the optical drive and try booting a few times .
    What happens?

    If that doesnt work you could also try updating your BIOS . Even if it the latest version update it
  2. Yes, in the boot settings of the BIOS the Samsung EVO SSD is listed as first preference for booting, my HDD is set for 2nd preference even though the windows files aren't on it and my optical drive is intentionally unlisted.

    The SSD says it's connected to SATA 0. Does updating the BIOS need anything or do I just click update?
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