intel i7 870 without graphic card

hi .some one told me that i'll have to install graphic card with i7 870 1st gen. cpu without grap.card i wont get display is he right ..
i have asus PH55 MLX mobo.with i7 870 cpu 4gb RAM ,400 watt supply .
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  1. That would be correct. At that time, some cpus did not have onboard video. The i5 7XX and i7 8XX did not have the onboard video(the thought was with higher end cpu's onboard video was not likely to be use used.).
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    Yes he is. I run a 870 and it does not have integrated graphics. If you are planning to use the CPU for gaming try and go for a 2nd gen or newer intel core i CPU, the original core i's were kind of a trial build IMO. (Like most new arch types.) If you can get a 2500, 3570 or 4670 cheap you will be golden. (I used microcenter)
  3. thanx to all for giving ur precious time to answer ..
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