More expensive wireless router equals better Mbps?

Hello All,

I bought a new Linksys E1200 Wireless N300 router for 40 bucks at target.
My wife thinks I should have bought a more expensive one in order to get a better Mbps.
We need wireless access for our phones and for streaming Netflix in our kids room.
If I return the router I bought and buy a more expensive router, say a 100 dollar one, would that be beneficial at all?
I am content with its performance now that I have made some minor adjustments to it, but I need to keep the wife happy.

Thank you

Edit: I forgot to mention when hard wired to the router we get about 26 Mbps.
Wifi connection is only getting like 6-8 Mbps.
Would a more expensive router give us better Mbps when using Wifi?
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  1. Bandwidth doesn't depend on the router. Its mainly controlled by your ISP, Internet Service Provider. So, if they allow more speed you'll get more speed, router hasn't got much roles here.

    So, if you need more mbps, pay your ISP more and get a plan with more bandwidth. Simple.
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    I am glad I am not in your position trying to explain to a wife why the price of a item alone seldom corresponds to its abilities.

    Now if you have purchased a internet connection that is more than 100m then this router would be a bottleneck since it only has fast ethernet ports.

    Most more expensive routers cost more because they have more features. The next step up from your router are dual band routers. The other radio band is really only needed when you have a lot of competition from neighbors for the radio bandwidth. It is not actually any faster but some people think it is because if you are competing you get errors which slows down the traffic. You can just as easily get neighbors on the other radio bands too. Be aware to use the other radio band your end user devices must also have these dual band feature, if not it will run just like a single band router.

    Now if you want to get a more advanced router for a similar price you can look at a brand like tp-link. Still it does not mean it will run any faster it just may have more features you do not need.
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