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Hi I recently got the Titanfall beta and i seem to lag a lot. What settings do you think i should be running on? I have a 1080p monitor and my specs are
cpu: fx 6300
gpu: zotac gtx 760
mb: m5a97 le 2.0
Ram: 8gb 1333 mhz
I usually have around 50-60 fps but all of a sudden when titans come i just drop to 1-20 fps and lag really bad. Do you think that the full version will be better and will nvidia release driver updates soon. Thanks :)
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    if you are suddenly "stuttering" it may be because u have vertical sync enabled. that makes the graphics card put out what the monitor is meant for (likely 60hz, so 60 fps) but if the card dips below much of that, it will stutter and drop to a multiple of 60 (30, 15, etc). try turning v-sync off. this will also probably result in screen tearing depending on your monitor's refresh rate. but it will produced smoother movement and less stutter.
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