Is my CPU running too hot?

I cleaned up my computer and took off the CPU can and cleaned it with a brush. I also brushed over my CPU and removed a thick layer of dust. What I found was thermal paste that had dried. My CPU fan is a stock Intel cooler but the top two locks haven't been put into place. Before I cleaned my computer I got temperatures of around 40 for each of my four cores (I got an i5). Now I get 60+ for each core. Should I get a new CPU fan and some thermal paste. By a new fan I mean something that is $12 and some $5 paste. Any advice/recommendations?
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    Dear, you need to reapply the thermal compound. Buy new fan only if the existing one is broken. Apply the thermal compound. Fix the stock cooler and then read the temps. If temps are still high (which needs to be seen) then buy new stock cooler or aftermarket cooler (only if you are overclocking)
  2. Alright so I will go and buy some thermal compound. Which brand should I buy. I don't want to buy anything too cheap maybe $9.
  3. Replugged my cpu fan properly. Temps are normal 35-40 degrees celsius. I don't whether i should get new thermal paste. I got my computer 8 months ago.
  4. Temps are ok. Better re-apply thermal compound. See for Antec made.
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