Chrome makes Youtube videos lag.

I bought a new laptop (Intel i3-4000M 2,40 GHz, 8 GB RAM, Nvidia Geforce 740M (2GB) and on Win 7 Ultimate (x64)) and noticed that when I use Google Chrome on it, every video that I play (in 1080p) lags really bad. I installed the latest video drivers and the problem stayed. I switched to Mozilla and the problem was gone, every video played smoothly. I am seriously thinking of switching permanently to Mozilla. Really disappointed from Chrome, since I have used it for years and didn't encounter this problem until now. Any idea what the problem might be? Can it be caused by the fact, that when I installed Mozilla, I installed Adobe Flash Player with it (I doubt it, however, because Chrome should go with Flash Player integrated in it)? Thank you.
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  1. Dear pl update your Chrome to its latest version. Also uninstall the flash player. Download the latest version and then install again.
  2. I had the latest version and didn't have Flash installed manually, since it is integrated in Chrome.
  3. Still check the flash component. What you can do is to uninstall the Chrome from your system along with flash and then install the latest versions and give it a try.
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