970 or a 990 chipset motherboard for an AMD FX-6300?

I have a couple questions here.

I have done some research, and it seems like the 990FX is the best chipset on a motherboard because it overclocks better and you can do crossfire and/or SLI. From what I have read, crossfire is when you use multiple GPU's at the same time. I do not plan on doing that. I do not know much about SLI, if someone wants to explain more, then please do so.

I plan to overclock the FX-6300. Would i need to buy a 990FX board to do that?

Also, I have a somewhat good GPU, a Geforce 8800GT, and i still have the older Geforce 8400GS. If i got the 990FX with crossfire capability, would it even put the old cards to good use?
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  1. 970chip mobo are also good for ocing
  2. nashdes001 said:
    970chip mobo are also good for ocing

    I heard spending the extra money for a 990FX was worth it. Better parts and stuff for cooling... overclocking...
  3. Check the power phases and whether there is sufficient cooling on the VRMs/mosfets.

    4+2 should be the minimum you use for mild overclocking in regards to power phases. You can do a little with 4+1 but the risk is yours.

    An oldie but a goldie thread for the learning overclocker:

    990 boards usually boast higher phases and cooling, and TDP. Usually. The only other plus they have are more x16 slots for SLI/Crossfire and, because they are more expensive, sometimes better build quality.

    All depends on how far you want to push your CPU and whether you want SLI or big powered Crossfire (970 can still often do Crossfire x2).
  4. 990 for sure , I have both a 970 and a 990 , the 990 runs cooler , can oc higher and does not crash as often .
  5. Which 970 and 990 boards do you have? And which cpus on them? This can make a big difference.
  6. sapperastro said:
    Which 970 and 990 boards do you have? And which cpus on them? This can make a big difference.

    Have an Asus sabertooth fx 8350 a gigabyte 990 fx ud5 fx 8350 , 890 fx ud5 AMD 1100t , 2 asus m5a 970 fx 8530 and 1100t and an msi 970 g46 with a 1090t , so lots of experience , with 990 and 970 boards , msi is the worst board ever , have 2 micro fans cooling the vrm heat sinks or it crashes all the time . Asus 970 is much better but not up to the 990 Asus and Gigabyte boards
  7. If u will take a 970 board , grab 970a-ud3 (8+2) or M5A97 EVO (6+2) , they both are quite good.
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  9. Thanks guys. I ended up buying an FX-8320 and a Gigabyte 990FX board.

    the FX-8320 was on sale for$50 less so i went with that. Figured since its kind of higher wattage
    i should get a 8+2 phase mobo.
  10. Great choices .
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