Computer boots fans spin, but there is no signal on the monitor and the lights on the keyboard dont light up?

Hi guys,

Yesterday night I was playing a game on my computer when my Dad walked in and turned it off at the wall. Now when i turn on the computer I get no signal from the monitor and the keyboard lights do not turn on. My DVD drive works fine. I have tried removing a ram stick, checking all wires are working but there is still nothing. I also had a network card which used to flash but i removed it because i use ethernet, but that didnt solve the problem.

I built this PC and here are its specs:
MSI G43-Z87 Motherboard
Intel i5-4670k CPU overclocked @ 4.2GHz
AMD R9 290x GPU
8GB Kingston RAM
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  1. QUICK UPDATE: After removing then putting the RAM back in it booted with a strange screen saying how any overclocking had been lost and it took me to the MSI botherboard screen. I then powered it off and moved it back to where i usually have the PC. I then started it up again and I had the same problem. No signal on monitor or no keyboard lights or mouse lights.
  2. I have now partly solved it. It was the GPU. When I have it in the DVI port on the GPU or the Integrated graphics does not work. But when i remove it the integrated graphics does work. Now I am wondering is there a fix for this or is my GPU faulty and will I have to get a replacement as I am still under warranty.
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