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I just bought a Samsung Evo 840 120GB for my Lenovo G770, to speed things up a bit. I've got a WD Scorpio Blue inside the laptop currently, but it's just slow. Before I bought the SSD, I read a lot of threads that say it can wear out and etc. But none of them answered any of my concerns. My plan was to get an HDD caddy that will go instead of the DVD drive, so I can keep both SSD and the HDD. On the SSD I'd install the OS (Win 7 or 8) and use the WD one for general storage (movies, music, games, etc). But I'd also like to install some games on the SSD. I also use Adobe programs, so I was planing to install that as well. And other small programs like Chrome, Skype, Steam, Winamp, etc... And my questions are:

1. What do they mean by SSD wearing out?
2. Can I install games like Mass Effect 3 or CoD: Ghosts on the SSD and then delete it when I'm done playing?
3. Should these smaller programs be installed on the SSD?
4. I use my desktop a lot when I'm downloading files or editing something, I usually hold those files temporarily on the desktop, would that cause an issue?

Hope someone can answer this...
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    SSD's have a certain lifetime of use, but as long as you don't torture your SSD, the 840 evo should last 9+ years.
    Yes you can install and delete games from the SSD
    You should install the programs you use most frequently on the SSD. I would personally install my web browser, skype, word, flash player, java, skype, and a couple games that a I play very often on my ssd. You can put anything on an SSD that you could an HDD
    And no,that won't cause problems. An SSD will work exactly the same as the HDD, yet much much faster.

    Also, it's a good idea to leave 1-5 gigabytes of space on your SSD. filling all the way to its max capacity can cause problems that shorten its life span.
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