Need serious help Coil whine?!

Hi all, I have a corsair cx750m power supply and I have been gettin really bad coil whine. I have Sent the irst one back but when I received the replacement the coil whine was even worse. I know that it's is definitely the psu as i have run it externally from the computer and you can definitely tell that is is coming from there when I put my ear up to it. It only happens whilst playing games and sometimes mildly when idle. Is there a fix for this? Regardless of how safe it is. Or is there a better psu for around the same price? Or should I try third time lucky

Asrock Extreme 4
Asus r9 280x
Intel i5 3570k
Gskill ripjaws x ram
Corsair Cx750m
Western digital caviar blue hard drive
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  1. other than destroying your warranty, opening up the psu case and using hotglue to dampen the vibration there isnt much you can do other than RMA it.
  2. Is there any tutorials on how to apply the hot glue?
  3. not that i know of mate. but it is as simple as unscrewing the board from the box sitting it on the bench turning it on and adding load. wait for the coil wine. 1s you identify the parts you turn it off but leave it plugged in (if you have an on of plug switch) and turned off. let the residual current drain and let the glue gun heat up.
    should only take a minute. now gently push on the side of the component thats whining and point the nozzle of the glue gun at the base and apply a small amount to the base and try to get it under the part. careful though, to much and you may cause heat issues as the glue can start insulating if its to thick and in a big lump. just a little dab and let it harden.
    after a short while turn it the psu back on and you will have either fixed it or you need to do another part.
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