High temps with i7 4770k + x60 Kraken

At idle it bounces from as low as 35C to 50C. During stress test (Aida64) it bounces from 56C to 82C.

I just replaced the stock thermal paste because of this issue, but the temps are still the same.

I7 4770k @ 4.3ghz 1.25v
x60 Kraken on Silent Mode.

Something just seems off about the temperatures. Anyone have anything to say about this? Fixes or solutions?
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  1. Those temps are perfectly normal considering your overclock. Also the X60 is not that great a cooler.

    Now your overclock is sloppily done.
    Drop your voltage if possible. 1.25v seems a bit high.
  2. I'm currently at 1.2v stable.
    Idle Min Max

    Still seems high.
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    Not at all high. Run prime95 and see where it gets. As long as it does not exceed 90C by too much then you are fine.
  4. 40-57C are not that high for the chip. But you should also take into consideration that this is during a Stress Test. These results will be seen very uncommonly in real world applications.
  5. Currently at 4.3ghz with 1.19v

    CPU Core temp Max under Aida64 stress test hit 75C for high and 66C for low. Consistent temps of 68C. Hasn't hit higher than 75.

    @ghostarcher and it was 40-57 idle/minimal load(posting on tomshardware), not under stress test. It's more like 66-75C for stress test at the moment.
  6. Those temps are actually pretty damn good.
    You should be happy.

    Your voltage @ 4.3Ghz is also decent.
  7. BSOD during IBT after AIDA64 Stress...:(
  8. Then give a little more voltage.
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