Can't get fraps/dxtory/shadowplay to work on windows 8

For some reason I can't record game play using game capture software when running windows 8 on my computer. I have windows 7 installed on another hard drive in the same computer and I can record perfectly. I have all the same drivers installed from the motherboard disk. When I try to use fraps or dxtory the fps display will never show up, and when I use shadow play I get a gray box but it doesn't change to red or green when I press the keys to start recording. I don't record game play much so this is not a huge problem but it is kind of annoying now I use windows 8 as my main OS and don't have all my games installed on windows 7. I have installed all windows 8 updates, I also tried re installing the os a while ago and it made no difference. Does anyone have any idea what the problem could be? I have searched google already but can't find anything. Thanks
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  1. When you try Fraps does the Fraps window appear, you know, the one with all the settings in? can you confirm that in the FPS tab that the overlay is preset and not hidden? I have Windows 8 (now 8.1) and have never had any issues with Fraps not recording, so it is possible! do you have a different anti-virus or any security/protection software on your 8 partition? Also, do you have the latest Fraps version? (3.5.99)
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