AMD FX 8350 vs. INTEL i7 4930k

I want to buy any of these two for gaming experience. So, what should I buy according to you?
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    For gaming only the I7 4930K is a waste of money and you should consider either I7 4770K or I5 4670K, with the I5 being the closest competition of to the FX8350.
    Basically you are asking about two CPU's very far a part in capabilities.
  2. I agree with rolli59. The i5-4670K is the best gaming CPU for the money.
  3. For gaming:

    i7 4770k > FX 8350 > i5 4670k

    This will vary from title to title, but on most modern games that are well optimized it is a good reference.

    Also, it is really worth it to OC them on water.
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