what core2duo cpu does my oc celeron (wolfdale) compare to

hia when ever i seen minumum requirments for a games like gta iv and call of duty they have core2duo as minuium ..... i have intel celeron wolfdale e3400 2.66ghz overclocked to 3.46ghz so my question witch core2duo would it compare to ....
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  1. Except for your L2 cache being 1/6 the size of the E8600, and only 4 way associative vs 16 way, yours has a faster clock speed @ 3.46MHZ vs 3.33MHZ. But the E8600 also has a faster memory controller. So it would be hard to make a 1:1 comparison. Your L2 cache is what really hampers it in gaming compared to the C2D CPUs.
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