Dual Boot Issue.. WIN 7 & 8. Please help.... :(

Hello all,

I have build a PC. CONFG: CPU AMD FX 4300, MOBO: ASUSE M5A78LMUSB3, 4GB RAM. First i install win 7 pro 64 & it was working fine, later i install win 8. Win 8 is working fine, but when i start the sys with win7 for eg: when i turn on the sys if i chose win 7 to boot, the sys goes off completely & come back on with win7, but its not happening with win8. I am nt getting any error or BSOD. So i have no idea wtz going on.. I have checked all drivers, all good.

Can any one suggest me a fix for this...

Also after using win8 i really liked it, & would like to use win8 & want to take out win7. I am using a 1TB HDD, & i have created multiple partitions.
I am an application developer & if i take out the OS by deleting the win7 partition i ll lose all those install application & updates, so is tre any way to get those installed file copied to win8 & delete win7???


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    When you get to the point to choose which to boot from, what does that screen look like? A Windows 8 looking thing?

    I have a dualboot laptop, and that is exactly what happens.

    For the applications you use with 7...if you get rid of that partition, those applications go away. They would need to be reinstalled for the other OS.
  2. I had the same issue with my laptop a swell, but it was slightly different..i used to get BSOD before the system goes off...And one more thing, if i delete the C drive which is WIN7 & copy all win8 file, will it boot???
  3. Unknown. That all depends on exactly how your system is set up. But you may be stuck with two options to boot from, but only one works.

    But you can't just 'copy' the Win8 stuff over.
  4. no your system wont boot if you copy windows 8 to c drive.rename the partition to c if you want.
  5. no your system wont boot if you copy windows 8 to c drive.rename the partition to c if you want.
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