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I have rs.30000/- appox. & looking for toshiba laptop P50-A10010 vs Del 3521laptop: want features like 4gb ram,500 gb hard disk,i3 3rd generation processor,windows 8.
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  1. I'm not sure what advice you need, but I can tell you that Toshiba laptops are by far higher build-quality than a Dell, if that's any help.
  2. Never get a TOSHIBA!!!!!
    Dell's build quality is better and sturdier than Toshiba will ever have
    I would recommend dell over Toshiba because I had experience with both and now I have a dell laptop and im very happy with it as the fans are silent and on Toshiba, well good luck! it wont make it through the first year and that's through personal experience!
  3. I can only speak as I find, and that doesn't tally with your experience of Toshiba. I bought a Toshiba laptop 4 years ago and it's working fine, never had any issues with it. Don't condemn Toshiba on the strength of having owned maybe one or two.

    I'm on my third Toshiba only because I wanted to replace with a later model. They have all served me well.
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    go with toshiba, i own a toshiba satellite a100, and my father bought it year 2006, it runs in windows xp home edition, but when windows 7 is out on the market, i upgraded it and only added an extra 1gb ram to its 512mb ram, and it runs smoothly without lag and still use it to play WAR III online. the only prob is that the hard disk of it is only 40gb, haha. but as for performance id say its perfect, the only thing we repaired til now is the keyboard letter X and CTRL. replace the keyboard and there you have it, 100% old model laptop that is still kicking,
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