AMD Catalyst Control Center missing options!!! PLEASE HELP

Hello everybody!
I have problem with AMD catalyst control Center, I miss some options in there and i don't know how to bring it back!! I uninstalled Amd and deleted all files on C: Then cleaned registry with CCleaner. I re-installed it but it's still the same.

PLEASE HELP ME OUT!! i have been searching in a very long time but can't find the solution.

My amd Catalyst Control Center looks like this :
As you can see, i miss some options.

My computer spec:
Asus K53SK
Radeon Graphics HD 7610M 2gb
windows 7 64bit
Intel core i7
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  1. When you update your GPU drives it should also update control center.
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    I have had the same problems with AMD drivers and the only fix for me was a newer driver. I quit using AMD years ago because their drivers are so buggy. I'm sorry to hear they haven't improved.
  3. I'm tired of this... I want to fix it :(
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