External HDD keeps loosing data and makes folders inaccessible (NTFS)

I have an external hard drive of 500gb which I formatted with NTFS. I stored some data on it and now I realized that folders on the hard drive seem to be inaccessible, while other folders keep functioning properly. It also said 300gb occupied space, however the files that I had on there were only a few gigs.

I've used it for unimportant and redundant data so I'm not interested in getting anything back, but I want to know if there is a way to fix the problem so the drive stops loosing my data.

Any diagnostic tool I could use to test the drive thoroughly, maybe? I reformatted the drive (quick format), and it now shows 100% free space, so that is correct. But still, I don't trust the drive with any data anymore.

Is there a way to diagnose or test the drive? If I can't rely on it to keep my data, I have no use for it..

PS: I'm using Windows 8. All other external drives work fine on the same machine. Also, I may have not always safely removed the drive in the past.
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  1. If the files/folders are inaccessible do mean you don't have permissions to get into them or it says they don't exist? This could be as easy as taking control of the files/folders or you could have a drive going out.
  2. I don't think it is permission related. I used this same machine to copy them on there, same as with other drives, and this is the only drive I have problems with. I'm a fool for formatting it already otherwise I could double check now. If I remember correctly there was no permission error but some sort of inaccessible or folder does not exist or so.

    TotalCommander raised no error at all, just an error sound. Usually TotalCmd shows permission errors as dialog box.
  3. What brand HDD is it? Seagate and WD each have their own diagnostic tools: Seagate "Seatools" and WD "Data Lifeguard Utilities". Run the appropriate software and see what the condition of the HDD is.

  4. Y0GI said:
    What brand HDD is it?

    It's a Samsung HM500JI. Not sure which tool would be the right one, it seems Seagate has got something to do with Samsung hard drives. The model does not appear on this site: http://support-us.samsung.com/cyber/popup/iframe/pop_troubleshooting_fr.jsp?idx=42990&modelname=SV0411N . Also, the download link for HUTIL points to a sales page on Seagate (wtf?). Guess I'll try the Seatools then.

    Update: SeaTools does not list the drive after scanning for supported drives. Guess it's the wrong tool then.
  5. It might help if you can find your drive under the External Drives "Product Support": http://samsunghdd.seagate.com/

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