i7 4820k vs 4770k

Hello, first time poster here.

I'm building my first computer and I've done a bunch of research but am still unsure if I've made the right choice.

I know there are a ton of posts about this comparison and I've read most of them but I think my situation is slightly different.

I bought the 4820k with the Asus x79 Sabertooth board new at discount for $550. If I were to swap we are talking about minimal savings, so I don't feel cost is relevant.

I'm planning to do 3D renderings with this machine using Autocad and 3D Studio max. I'm getting the GTX 780 3GB video card.

This setup will be overkill for what I will be doing with it(at least at first) but I've ran into hardware limitations in the past and I never want that getting in my way again.

Should I exchange it for the 4770K? If so what board would you recommend and why would the swap be worth it?

Thanks guys, I'm having a hard time making a feel good decision.
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    Here are a couple of articles to look over:

    They look to be about equally matched, but I'd probably go the i7 4770k route if you are able to return the CPU/mobo with no loss. Otherwise, go with what you have started with. Just my opinion.
  2. Honestly I would just stick with the X79 platform, the shipping to swap it out would probably take away the minimal savings anyways, and your CPU is faster than the 4770k
  3. Reading those articles now.

    Regarding shipping, I have a local place that stocks everything and price matches the bigger internet companies. So cost really isn't a factor, I have to go back there anyway to pick up additional parts.
  4. I still feel indifferent after reading those articles. Would you be able to recommend a comparable board to the one I picked out for the 4820K, for the the 4770K?
  5. There is an Asus Z87 Sabertooth that would go with the i7 4770k, or the AsRock Z87 Extreme or any number of others from this list:,4&c=89&sort=d8&m=7,8,18,27
  6. The 4770k is a tad faster but it's not worth changing an entire platform for. Stick with what you have and maybe upgrade to one of the 6 core extremes later.
  7. Also, x79 supports 40lanes of pci traffic
    Z87 supports 16
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