Uninstalled driver via Display Driver Uninstaller

I used the following program to uninstall my GTX 770m driver because no matter what i did in performance setting my core was only running at 405 instead of at least 705.
Im running a MSI GT70. Anyway now my device manager cant see my card to install a new driver, and neither does the nvidia driver installer. Can anyone please help?!?
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  1. program used was display driver uninstaller. was hoping for a clean install and guess it was too clean
  2. Do you still have the .log file of that cleanup?
    email it to me if you happen to still have it (you can find my email on the DDU webpage. The problem is that you have a yellow exclamation mark on 1 of your System device. Probably somthign related to the PCI-Express root controler. Simply remove it and reboot.
    Current version of DDU should not do this anymore.
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