Asus N53 laptop goes negative colors on some programs

Some but not all programs or parts of programs show negative colors. Some Google Chrome sites do. Some don't. All B&W photos are fine. Adobe Bridge opens to correct colors then quickly changes to negative color. When I hook up monitor it mirrors the laptop screen. Just restarted and still the same. Strange. Any thoughts would be welcom.
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  1. I assume your using WIN7 so go to the big button (start button) in the bottom left. Then type "magnifier" in the search bar (where it says "search programs and files") then when you see it open it and click on the cog button (settings) and then uncheck the box which says colour inversion.Hope this helped =)
  2. Hi Ravi: Oh, I wish that had helped. But - no. the box was already unchecked. By the way your avatar is red & magenta but the rest of this page is fine. Correct colors etc.
  3. Hey I got a one more solution
    Follow the link

    See if this helps
  4. Thanks Ravi. Loaded it. Ran it. Doesn't seem to have an effect. I calibrate my laptop and monitor with ColorMunki, so I ran a calibration just now. (Desperate because I have to edit some photos), that had no effect either. Again, I'm W7. and it only effects some programs, or just parts of programs, like your avatar, but not the rest of the page. Very curious...
  5. Make sure you are not in 8 bit color mode
  6. in 16. Always
  7. Can you post the image?
  8. Ravi Gagan said:
    Can you post the image?

    Hope this works
  9. Wow that is screwed up. Looks like an image decoding or rendering problem. Can you try a different browser?
  10. i got an instant solutin see if it works
    * Hold the screen from top
    * apply pressure
    * swing the screen forward and backward and applying pressure simultaneously
    * Observe any changes
  11. It's not the screen because same effect on 2nd monitor. The effect will appear on Explorer and programs such as photoShop also. I restarted once again and now all is fine. For the moment. But - this has happened frequently. Next time I restart it will probably re-appear. Truly strange
  12. If wrong colors appear on both internal and external screens, the problem could be related to the corrupted video driver or faulty video card.
    - try reinstalling the video driver.
    - try reinstalling the operating system from scratch and installing the video driver.
    - if first two steps do not help, most likely you have a failed video card.
  13. Re installed video driver didn't help. Rolled back drivers and so far it's holding up. 2 restarts later. So maybe it's solved. But won't know for a couple days. And thanks for all your suggestions.
  14. Best answer
    If it again turns negative then there is problem in your graphic card
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