cant activate windows 8

Hi all,
Bought an hp envy touch pad with windows 8 pre installed, cant activate it, notebook didn't come with any documentation that has the keys, tried activating with keys that magical jelly beans key finders says is the key, it didn't work.
do i have any other option apart from purchasing a new key?
thanks for any suggestions
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  1. where did you bought it from? can't you return it.
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    It should have already been activated. Contact HP, or whoever you bought it from.
  3. If its not activating run command prompt as admin and run the commands slmgr -ipk (your product key minus the brackets) and it should tell you if the key is accepted. If it is you can either reboot or run slmgr -apo to activate. If that does not work you can try activating by phone using slui.exe
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