Re-using old hard drive that has windows 7 on it.

Basically I'm upgrading to a new computer(new cpu, gpu, mobo, new windows 7 etc,etc). However, the hard drive that I currently have windows 7 installed on(c drive); I want to reuse just as extra space on my new computer. Is this possible? If so, could you please run me through the steps to do this, pls.

also i don't plan on using my old c drive to install my new windows on because SSD > SATA.
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    Once the new system is up and running, plug in the old drive. Go into Disk Management, and delete all existing partitions.
    Making one large partition of the whole drive. You'll probably need to format it.

    But after than, it will just be another drive letter.
  2. thanks, this worked.
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