New build computer keeps crashing after using for a few hours

so i recently built a new pc.
whenever im using it, doesnt matter for what, my screen just completely freezes and i cant do anything but force shutdown....

These are my complete PC specs ( the software is cracked Windows 8.1 ) im buying windows 7 tomorrow legit version tough... i hope you guys can help me out
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  1. Im sorry But my guess would be the cracked windows app put the win 7 on with a kegit key and see if it still occurs there are many free Linux versions out there on the net to test your system as well.... just to see if its stable.
  2. yeah im gonna install the legit win7 tomorrow, i just did a cracked one because i didnt have any legit copies... i hope that fixes it...
  3. Best of luck to you.
  4. thanks, just installed windows 7 64 bit... atleast now i have the latest gpu driver...
  5. You can also go to the website that makes your gpu card and download the latest driver for your gpu.
  6. yup i found it , i got the latest drivers now, no crashes atm i hope it stays this way , or i might to get my pc repaired at a shop or something, i also contacted my dealer and my manufacturer and another forum .. :/
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