CPU bottleneck trying to stream in 720?

While waiting for my new build I am attempting to stream with my optiplex 980 using a avermedia live gamer hd. I assumed since the live gamer has on board encoding and low cpu usage that I would at least be able to stream in 720p but the wizard in xsplit shows this not to be the case. I'm only able to stream in 540p and even @ that res I drop frames like CRAZY.. What could be the issue? CPU possibly.. I'm streaming using my xbox 360 so the GPU is not taking any load at all..

Set up.
dell optiplex 980
i7 860 1st gen @ 2.8ghz
16gb 1600 ram
2tb raid1
nvidia GTX650
avermedia live gamer HD
2 asus vn247 monitors
windows 7 pro

net speeds as of this post 46.36 down and 5.75 up

any ideas would be much appreciated
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  1. Do you have the same problem with only one monitor connected?
  2. Yes. I have been unplugging the 2nd monitor and using it for the xbox play.
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