Win8: SSD not recognized on boot after HDD to SSD cloning

Hello everyone,

I recently purchased an SSD to upgrade my Dell Inspiron 17R SE 7720 that runs Windows 8. This is the SSD I purchased and it came with cloning software: Samsung Electronics 840 EVO-Series 250GB 2.5-Inch SATA III Single Unit Version Internal Solid State Drive MZ-7TE250BW: Computers & Accessories

I placed it in an external enclosure and cloned my HDD to the SSD using the program. After the cloning procedure the disk management shows the drives matching up.

To me this looks good. But when I replace the internal HDD with the SSD it does not boot from the SSD at all. It takes me to the boot options and I don't see the SSD listed anywhere. I may just not be used to the Windows 8 setup. Do I need to manually add something? On the boot screen the only thing that shows up is Under UEFI Boot: "Windows Boot Manager" and "Network Boot." Then Bios Setup, Diagnostics, and Change Boot Mode Settings.

I remember on previous versions of windows it would have all the different boot options laid out and numbered, but even when I go in to this with my HDD hooked up, it still just has the "Windows Boot Manager" instead of my HDD name. But then when I go on, it registers the HDD.

Well I am not familiar with the UEFI stuff on Windows 8. I tried selecting boot priority to Legacy(instead of UEFI) and when I do that a lot more options show up that list all my drives like I am used to. However, even when I have my HDD loaded in and have it as the top option, it gives me Operating System Not Found. When I go back to UEFI priority, then it boots normally (Both HDD and SSD are GPT). The SSD shows up when I use the Legacy boot, but that priority does not seem to work? As mentioned, the only options under UEFI are "Windows Boot Manager" and "Network Boot" no matter what drive is inserted. It does not list out the drives. I can select "Add Boot Option" but do not know what to type in there.

What is going wrong with this because I thought I performed everything properly?
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    Did you use the program that came with the SSD on a CD or did you D/L the latest version from Samsung? I had problems with the one on the CD but the update a Samsung's site worked like a charm:

  2. I used the one provided on the CD, but it had me download an update immediately. I will have to try that. The one on the site is 2.6, and I have 2.6.1, so I would think that I am ok with the software. I will try this tomorrow because I have to go to work here shortly. Maybe I will get additional feedback for more things that could be wrong, but hope your solution may work YOGI.

    Thank you for the feedback. Just curious: Did you transfer from an HDD to an SSD? And were you using Windows 8 and on a laptop?
  3. Quote:
    Thank you for the feedback. Just curious: Did you transfer from an HDD to an SSD? And were you using Windows 8 and on a laptop?

    You're welcome!

    Yes, I transferred from an HDD to my SSD. One additional step that I took was to shrink the size of my C: partition down to 109 GB before the transfer. I used Win 7 SP1.

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