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So two days ago my old power supply died. I figured when I saw no signs of life in my system. Meaning no motherboard lights or anything. So I decided to put it away for now. Just then I remembered I had another Psu laying around in the basement. So I grabbed it hooked it up and all. It powered my motherboard, Gpu , and fans. But Its a modular Psu and I have no idea where are the cables are. Haven't touched/use this psu in a long time. This power supply is something else well for me it is. It has a 5 pin "slot" on it and a 16 pin "slot". Not exactly sure what to call these. But I have no clue how Im going to power my Hard drives. They are powered by sata I think. I just need to know where are these available. Or is it even possible to create one of these wires/cables.

The PSU :

Thanks - Darren
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