I cannot open IE from my desktop icon.

Every time I try & open IE from my desktop icon or from my taskbar I am told IE has stopped working. IE tries twice to reload then exits. I can get to thru my Chrome browser icon on the taskbar but I do not want to access that way. I have made IE my default browser(using IE 11) but for some reason it will not load thru my IE desktop icon???
I am using Win 7 home premium, 64 bit, SP 1.
Any suggestions would greatly appreciated!
Thank you,
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  1. reset IE via the Internet stuff in the Control Panel and make sure you have all your updates done... and check your system date/time
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    What corroded said; if that still doesn't change it, get rid of the shortcut & create a new shortcut using the location of the IE you are using. If that still doesn't work, you might want to consider going to programs & features, installed updates, uninstall IE11, open IE10 and check if the shortcut works; then download and install IE11 (unless you don't want to use IE11; then you can download a script from Microsoft that blocks IE updates and type in a simple command line). You might have already done this, but it's always the simple things that we overlook!
  3. MS also has a way to "make" a custom IE install, that would over-write whats there now as well
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