1/8" Audio Toggle Switch- does it exist?

What I'm looking for is a (hopefully pre-made, I don't own a soldering iron) solution to the following:

I have a mixer set up to run my guitar and PC both into, so I can play along to music and have a bit of better control over the EQ settings of my PC audio. I also have a set of standard PC speakers that I occasionally want to hear the sound out of instead of my headphones, but it's a small, crap mixer with only one audio out (1/4", I have a 1/4" to 1/8" adapter on it). What I am looking for is some kind of device that ideally would take a 1/8" cable from said adapter, to the "input" side of the device, and have 2 outputs that I can toggle between, also hopefully 1/8". Like so:

Mixer OUT > Toggle switch > one jack for headphones, one for speakers

I hope that makes any sense whatsoever. Apologies if it was overexplained but the warning of "you'll get a better answer if you're more detailed" that came up halfway through posting scared me. Ideally if someone finds this device, I'd like it to not have both the headphones and speakers be "active" at the same time, but have them able to be switched between. Ideally this would be something I could mount on the side or underside of my desk. Powered vs. Unpowered is of no concern. Bonus points if each output has its own volume control.

Thank you so much for any help.
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  1. Just get a splitter and turn the speakers on when you want them otherwise turn them off.
  2. getochkn said:
    Just get a splitter and turn the speakers on when you want them otherwise turn them off.

    The speakers don't have an on/off switch- they're literally just audio cord and nothing more. Believe me, I wish it was that easy.
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