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My internet on my PC hasn't been working. It says that it is connected to the internet but when I open up a browser (IE, Chrome) they don't connect. The internet works fine on my other devices.
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  1. what is the error message you have .
  2. Internet Explorer and Chrome open up as if the computer wasn't connected to the internet but the little icon in the lower right corner of the screen says it has internet connection
  3. disable then unable again your network chipset under the peripheral in the control and see it this work you may have to redo the network settings for corrupted files .
  4. I don't understand what that means, I've tried multiple solutions from uninstalling the drivers, scanning for viruses, CCleaner, command prompt commands like ipconfig /flushdns and reset log.txt, check network settings, and I even bought a wireless adapter that didn't change anything. Might it be windows?
  5. you connect to a router did the wireless mac address is on the permit list in it ?
  6. It doesn't ask for permissions or anything, the PC is actually connected to the internet, the PC says it has internet connection but when I open a web browser, it won't load pages or websites
  7. then check you firewall restriction it could be blocking those from acces did you try it with firefox ?
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