Installing Windows 7 x64 on Sony Vaio. Stupid Sony!

So I have a Sony PCG-71312L (Model: VPCEB15FM) who's CD reader won't read my Windows 7 installation disk! The disk is a Windows 7 Pro x64-bit. I tried installing it through a USB bootable drive but all it does is hangs during installation! It hangs because there is a USB plugged into the ports, but, how else am I suppose to install the win7 without the USB? So I need help.

My alternate option is to not upgrade it to Win7 Pro, and use a clean Win7 Home Edition (btw, the win7 pro disk is cracked/activated, but I uninstall the key and use a legit key i bought to activate it correctly <- and this is probably why the disk won't boot). But I do not possess a clean installation disk of Win7 Home Edition. If anything, I can an ISO of one and burn it into a CD, but I am not sure if I should waste a disk doing so. Please help. :??:
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    So many things wrong here. This is not Sony's fault.

    Assuming you have a valid, legal, legitimate license for Windows, you can download the official install ISO here.

    Burn to DVD
    Install using that.
    Activate with your key.

    Whatever disk(s) you have, put it through the shredder.
  2. Where did you buy this Win7 activation key without getting a DVD?
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