Asus P8Z77 LGA 1155's pins are being held by superman, trying to carefully remove and plug in CPU fan

I am only 20 and am a novice who wants to get better with PCs all around. I have a custom build

i5 3570k 3.40 Ghz
Cooler master fan on the top for my Haff 922 case
Obviously a heat sink for the CPU, Cooler Master
the rear fan works as expected
Asus P8Z77 LGA 1155

Now I was doing a cleaning of my fans and case. I was being careful and didn't dislodge any wires. I just cleaned the filters in front of my fans and was using air to dust off the system. When I entered into BIOS mode. My top cooler master fan was in the red. The minutes later it went backed to an optimal high 600 to 700 RPM. My CPU fan in BIOS is showing a minimum of 530 RPM and I'm worried. My core temp is the usually 86 for the CPU and 68 for the motherboard.

I played Arkham City and my FPS never dropped below 60fps, no screen tearing and so on and so forth. I don't have a USB to take pictures in BIOS. But is there reasons to be worried? I know if my CPU was in danger, my PC will shutdown to prevent damage.

I went also was being careful to remove the pin running from the heat sink fan to the motherboard. That pin is held be concrete and I can't believe it's wedged in there. I'm not the only once because other people are having issues.

Could it be the wires aren't all fastened in properly? Or is my anxiety irrational?
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  1. cpu will shut down to prevent damage, but those temps are pretty high, unless you are using the intel stock cooler.

    the best way is to simply look and check physically to see if the fans are running at the correct speed.
  2. I was told these temps are standard. Anything over 104 is bad. Again there is no physical issue to my knowledge because the motherboard is optimal and I was able to play a game without any issue. Also there is no malware or adware in my system.

    The Heat sink is a cooler master product, nothing from intel other than the i5
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