Future overclocking and upgrade question

So first off I've currently got a AMD 955, AMD 6850 and 8GB of RAM.
I'm running skyrim with mods at 60fps but my video card is overheating at 85C(which i set in the BIOS) while my CPU sits at max 55C.

My question is what's the max GPU I should pair with the 955 (willing to Overclock) or should I just Crossfire the 6850. Also, I'm looking to upgrade to an Intel 4670K and new MB but don't have the funds for approx 3-6 months
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  1. I don't think you can bottleneck that CPU, but if you can, it will be small.

    Cross firing the 6850 won't gain much, as I don't think they fixed the drivers for the older cards.

    It was recently shown that crossfire was dropping frames, in reality. no gain in actual performance.

    I'd buy, with the new board, and CPU, in mind, as long as your power supply can handle it.
  2. If crossfire won't gain me a whole lot I was thinking of buying a 760 or the new R9 270 now and then when more money comes in I can switch over to the new MB and 4670CPU. Then when I get again more money I can go watercooling and OC. Always wanted to watercool but so far having the money, without making my wife very unhappy, has always been better just to upgrade something.

    Edit: Currently running a 650W Antec.
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    Unless you are building a custom water cooling setup, the self contained ones are no better than the best air cooled ones.

    As Far as I can see, the only advantage is the space needed.
    A lot of good air cooled units cove memory slots, and the water cooled ones don't, but you need space for the radiator.

    Your power supply is plenty for a GTX760 or a R9 270
  4. Thanks for the help.

    I think I'll wait for a good deal on a 760 or the R9 270. Pretty curious how Mantle is going to fall out as well performance wise. Then once I save up more in the budget I'll jump over to a Z87 board and the 4670k. The watercooling will just be a fun hobby later on.
  5. Don't forget the R9 270X, that falls in between the 2

    Keep in mind AMD cards are way overpriced at the moment, because of coin mining.
    The R9 270 started @ $179, and the R9 270X started out @ $200.

    The GTX 760 has been about $260 all along.
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