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Hello everyone!

I'm looking for some advice on my first computer build:

I've made the selections based on both performance and reliability, based on user reviews. The computer will probably end up either dual-booting Windows 8 and Ubuntu (not sure on which version yet) or triple-booting Windows 7, Windows 8, and Ubuntu.

My main questions were, does anyone with more experience than I know of any incompatibilities between these parts? Also, what ports would I find on the back of the case? It looks like I'll need to get an adapter for my monitor, as the mobo doesn't have a VGA connection (alternatively, I could pick up a cheap 20-23" monitor.

Any suggestions/advice/problems that a more experienced builder could give me? It'll be much appreciated :)
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    you build should work fine
  2. Billwindow said:
    you build should work fine

    Okay, thanks! If anyone else has any suggestions/cautions, please, feel free to post it :) I did find an HDMI-VGA adapter that I added to the list, for anyone who's interested.
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