file name, directory name or volume label syntax is incorrect

'the file name, directory name or volume lable syntax is ncorrect;

please help me
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    normally only happens when you use extended characters in a name anything outside a-z A-Z or 0-9.
    likely source of problem is an ini file redirecting to the wrong folder/volume/file. solution find and edit it to the correct path.
    (example of a file path such as, c: programfiles(x86)/crysis/crysis.exe)
  2. vaseem said:
    'the file name, directory name or volume lable syntax is ncorrect;

    hexit is right^^^^

    also take all spaces out of the folder names.. spaces are bad and ruin the system... ive been down that road!
  3. Just change folder's name and write in english.Im guessing that folder's name is written in unsupported language
  4. no mate thats not what the problem is, the files he wants to delete are using a none standard naming system outside the typical 0-1 a-z A-Z lettering conventions. back in the days of 8,3 naming system we used to use characters like !"£$ and so on as the first letter to hide files and folders from the directory search. which meant unless you knew exactly what the file was called you could never see it in the files and folders lists.
    today it still shows up now and again. the files are easy enough to remove if you know what your looking for, but there still a pain when you come across them...
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