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Hey Guys,

Recently put a new build together when the PSU ( included with the case was dead out of the box.

I couldn't get down to the shops to replace it, so I called the computer guy to replace it. The PSU he brought scared me. 'Twas a SHAW EVO-775MAX. After finishing his work and charging a ridiculous price for this PSU ($60) I decided to check it out on the net. Except I couldn't find anything.

Took at a look at the spec sheet on the PSU, I knew it couldn't be 775 watts, so I wonder:

What is the wattage of this PSU?

And I know I'll be getting a better one soon so:

My budget is about $100, I need 600 to 700 watts. Would preferably like modular, doesn't need to be though. I have been looking at Corsair's and Cougar's PSU's.

Cheers, Thanks for your responses.
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    It's a $20 "775w" power supply. That tech would have brought me something better or he would have left with that unit shoved somewhere uncomfortable.....

    Seriously that is very little info but what I can find is scary.

    Actually here is a bit more informative.

    " The PSU is simply called 'evo 775max', no where does it say that it's 775 WATTS "

    And then I found a picture of the sticker.....

    Amps x Volts = Watts so that unit has a whopping 17 amps on the 12v rail. Since that is the only part we need to be concerned about really in a modern system and 17 x 12 = 204 you have at best, a 250w power supply there. A 250w power supply of iffy quality.

    Try and stay at 2b and up on this list. Thermaltake is typically junk as a power supply seller as well with a few exceptions.

    Tier 3 is acceptable if you have a lower power system.
  2. Hahaha, your first comment made me laugh. So damn true.

    Really just confirmed what I needed to know. I'm surprised that my computer hasn't blown up yet.

    Probably going to go with a Cougar RS 750


    And I did the math myself last time as well.


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