My wireless network has very sporadic activity and i'm completely baffled

I've got internet through time warner cable and I've got an ASUS-RTAC66R Router. Before the ASUS, i was using a Linksys E2500.

The issue is that my wireless network is having extremely unpredictable activity, and I've been unable to figure out exactly what is going on. The issue is present on ALL devices attempting to connect wirelessly to my internet. The issue presents in a multitude of ways, as following; On my laptops i get a never ending "resolving host" resulting in web page not available. My network activity shows me being connected to the network, and it may or may not say that internet access is available (There have been times when it stated no internet was available, and times where it says the internet is still connected, but with no connectivity). On my xbox 360 it displays as "Not being able to be assigned an IP Address. On my xbox one it states that it is having DNS connectivity issues.

Whenever any of these symptoms appear, no device on my network has internet access except for my desktop which is hardwired to my router. During any situation where there were connection issues my modem showed an active internet connect, and the router also shows internet activity. As stated, any device hard wired to the router or modem will have internet.

In the past i have fixed the issue simply by disconnecting or reconnecting the device, by power cycling the router, by deleting my network and creating a new network, or by simply doing nothing at all and letting it sit for about 30 minutes. None of these practices work 100% of the time. All of these "cures" only seem to have a chance to work. They might work one time, but the next time it will not, and that goes for all of it. I'm trying to force myself to believe that this is in no way related to the issue, however, tonight i had no connectivity on any of my devices, so i picked up my modem to see if the internet activity was on. The modem showed a good connection, however I accidentally dropped it and when it hit the floor, my laptop and cellphone magically loaded the pages that were stuck "resolving the host." This makes me feel like there may be an issue with the modem, however this was the only situation in which "Dropping" my modem brought my wireless network back online. It seems purely coincidal, especially because during wireless downtime all hardwired devices work.

I'm...just lost. I even went out today to buy a new router to fix the issue (the ASUS) and its still happening to me.
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  1. Hi
    If I am reading this correctly,then you are having the same wireless problems with both routers.
    This suggests that the problem lies elsewhere.
    There could be something nearby causing a lot of wireless interference and since it lasts about 30 mins ,the first thing I would suspect would be a faulty Fridge or Freezer.
    When you are having problems check to see if if your fridge or freezer are running also worth checking are air con,heating or anything that has a motor or pump.
    You could also try using a different wireless channel on your router and if possible try the router in various positions in your house .
  2. In the back of my mind I had assumed it could have been some kind of interference, but I pushed the idea away because the router has always been in the same spot. I live in a duplex in a very congested area. At any given time my computer picks up signals from 20+ Wireless networks. I'll admit, I dont know enough about wireless channels to know if that could even cause an issue.

    And yes, identical problems with 2 different routers.
  3. If there are that many routers in range then I would try changing the wireless channel.
    If you log on to your router there will be a method to change the channel.
    This could be the reason for it working before but not now,if somebody locally has installed or changed their router and it is on the same channel as yours.
  4. I downloaded InSSIDer to scan for networks and determine interference. My rotuer shares a channel with 3 routers in range, and i'm overlapping with three routers. My signal strength never drops below -30 dBm, and during periods of outtages, i show no sporadic activity on the network monitor. I set up both a 2.4 gHz network and a 5.0. I had my Xbox one on the 5ghz network, and its the only 5ghz network within range of my home. When the outtages happened on my 2.4ghz i noticed that the xbox one had lost all connectivity as well.

    Again, im still educating myself swiftly on wireless networking, but if my 5ghz network is losing internet at the same time the 2.4ghz network is, regardless of the fact that no other 5ghz network is within range of me, could that still be an interference issue?? I'm thinking that it may be something else...

    Maybe theres more to that accidental dropping of my modem? haha
  5. Best answer
    I would still suspect that it is interference and possibly from a faulty fridge or freezer or even a microwave door seal,the problem comes, in such a densely populated area , is finding it and doing something about it.
    Note that microwaves commonly use 2.45 GHz and will have a harmonic at 4.9 GHz at reduced power,they are also very powerful at up to 1KW so a faulty door seal can swamp a local WiFi signal in both bands, and could even belong to a neighbour.
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