Mouse stopped working

How do I make my mouse work?
So, I woke up today, and my mouse didn't work any more. Defenitely wasn't the batteries, those are brand new. I searched the internet for solutions (everythign else still works - even my USB modem), and tried removing the drivers in the device manager. That didn't help either, it would just pop back up once I updated the list.
Does anyone know where I can find the drivers and manually reinstall those? The mouse is from nordic concept, it's a model 7. Pretty much all it says, couldn't find anything about it.
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  1. If it does, then unless you have special requirements for a mouse (specialist gaming) I'd consider replacing it after a quick test. You could check for bent pins if it is a PS/2 connector but either way, try a friends mouse to verify it is actually the mouse that is the issue.

    Try it in an alternative port if it is USB. Is it recognised?

    They are so cheap these days for the most basic models, it's not worth your time to try diagnosis beyond the most basic tests, let alone repair.
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