Which one is the best graphics card ?

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  1. arik29 said:

    the 650ti is the better of the cards. Forget about the 550ti, it's a junker,

    The 7770 isn't bad, but the 650ti will eat it for breakfast.

    edit: however, if you can afford it, I'd recommend the 650 ti boost, which would be a good match with your CPU, but would cost a little extra. But for the extra cost your getting a lot more GPU for your money.
  2. Or you could wait for maxwell to come to your area, more juice for same money.
  3. Best answer
    The 7770 and the GTX 650 are pretty much the same performance wise. Just get whichever you can find cheaper. In regards to manufacturer, I would recommend the Sapphire version of the 7770 or the Gigabyte 650.
  4. The 7770 is somewhat faster than the 650.
  5. Is the gtx 650 "ti" or non ti ? If it is ill go with it otherwise the sapphire hd 7770.
  6. No. The 650Ti is a different model.
  7. better get the sapphire HD 7770
  8. BTW I have the Gainward 650 personally and it's a good card.
    It goes only upto 55-60C on full load and is pretty noiseless.
  9. Ill go with the hd 7770 then.The gtx 750's are expensive in my area,around 180$-200$ after taxes.Thanks for the help everyone ! :)
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