I can't get my laptop to boot from SSD


I have a problem with my laptop which has a HDD and an SSD in it. I removed my laptop's optical drive and added SSD instead using HDD SSD hard drive caddy.

The SSD has Windows 8.1 installed with all the needed software and drivers and the HDD has Windows 8.1 installed too. Now whenever I start my laptop it automatically boots to HDD. I tried settings boot priority in BIOS but it doesn't recognize SSD. SSD is nowhere to be found in BIOS.

This is how my partitions look now. How can I change the SSD letter to C: and make it boot partition and then change the HDD to E: or something and completely format it?

The main problem right now is that I just can't get my laptop to boot with SSD. I will appreciate any help very much!
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    Did you install Windows 8.1 to the SSD using a different computer?
  2. I just found out what the problem was! The problem was that I was putting SSD in the SSD caddy instead of the optical drive and that's why it always detected the HDD as the boot drive. I changed SSD/HDD positions (I put the HDD in the caddy) and it works as it should now.
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