my computers fans are really loud

basically I have had this gaming computer for a while and I dot like using it because the fans inside are really loud and I don't know much about them because I dident put it together and don't know what I need to solve the solution
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  1. OK, you should check the temperatures on the CPU & the video card to find out whether your hardware is running hot or not. The hotter your system is running, the more the fans need to run to try & cool it off.

    If the hardware is running cool, then there might be an issue with the fans. Do they sound like they're rubbing or hitting any of the cables inside the case (i.e. fast clicking sounds), or does it sound more like an airliner taking off?

    Also, is this a prebuilt branded PC (Dell, HP, Gateway, etc.), or did someone build it & then give it to you? And are we talking about a tower (mini/mid/full-size) or a desktop (i.e. business-style) case? I've heard so many Dell Optiplex models with the normal case fan trying to imitate a 747 that it's almost not funny anymore.
  2. Also, make certain that you've cleaned the fans. Please be gentle and becareful if you vaccum them (electrostatic). See if that helps with the noise.
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