Hi I'm Jake,I HAVE a FX-8350 and i need a Motherboardit has to beAM3+ Crossfire or SLI 2 PCIE 16x lanesUSB 3.0 I

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  1. Sabertooth 990fx rev2.0
  2. Or crosshair V formula
  3. I agree with Ahmadjon, both those motherboards will work well for what you want.
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    If PCIE 3.0 is a must for you, the Sabretooth Rev2.0 is your only choice. I'm not aware of any other AM3+ board that has PCIE3.0

    Otherwise, the ones I've had the most luck/had successful builds with are: MSI 990FXA-GD80V2, Crosshair Formula-Z or Sabretooth Rev2. Only the Sabretooth Rev2.0 supports PCIE 3.0, but any Single-card PCIE3.0 will run on PCIE2.0 just fine (single cards don't saturate PCIE2.0, so there's no noticeable performance hit for using PCIE2.0 x16 on a PCIE3.0 card), so the other boards work too.

    All of those boards are 16x/16x configurations (unlike the more common 8x/8x) so even SLI on PCIE2.0 is still very fast, so you won't have many concerns no matter what board you go with.
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