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Hi, my 1000dpi sensonic mouse just gave up on me, so i'm on a hunt for a New gaming mouse. honestly i game below 1000dpi so i don't really need 8200dpi super-pro-high-tech-stuffed mice. i'm don't use thumb buttons, but that's just me... But there's so many choices on the market i need help! i've narrowed it down to these three, which are reasonably priced in my country:

1. Corsair M40
2. Razer Abyssus
3. Logitech G400s

i've tried them all by grabbing them, they're all niiiice but the shop owner won't let me bring it home... so what's your opinion? Thank you.
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    I would recommend the Corsair M40. IT is a very sleek high performance gaming mouse its nice and simple.
    I've actually had a good 10 minutes of game play with it and i was very impressed with the performance.
  2. Have you tried the G400s?
  3. Jupitah said:
    Have you tried the G400s?

    I have and it is not as good as it looks.
  4. The abyssus has less issues than the other avago 3090 implementations
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