Memory Bandwidth - Core I7 4770k and 4820k

Hello guys
I just started building my new rig, primarily for video editing and gaming.
I did a heavy search on processor
4820k vs 4770k and stuff
I encountered a memory bandwidth article.
It said 32GB RAM might get bottlenecked on 4770k as it has only 25.6gb/s bandwidth whereas 4820k has higher and it wouldn't.

Is this true? Which processor would you recommend though?
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  1. Best answer
    Won't recommend 4820k, unless you really need a 2011 motherboard.
    4770k have new architecture performance by a bit over a ivy-bridge.
  2. That is correct. But I didn't really get the answer I needed. Memory bandwidth and how does it effect ram and gpu?
  3. And that best solution thing was a mistake with this non mobile friendly website. You still got it though :-P
  4. It is the maximum speed the CPU can read/write from the memory.
    I can't imagine it having a greater impact.
  5. So could 32Gb 1866Mhz CAS 9 RAM bottleneck it?
    Or could gtx 780ti at its full potential?
  6. 4770k wont bottleneck any of that.
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